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Part of the human soul does not wake up until you taste the love of animals.
-Anatole France-

Animal Plus Center is a full-fledged veterinary clinic devoted to the health of your pet. We provide all kinds of veterinary services with preventive care, washing, general surgery, dental care, diagnostic imaging, on-site laboratory tests, micro chip identification and medicines.

Our team is encouraged to make maximum effort for the welfare of all pets. Beyond our commitment to each patient’s unique needs, we aim to use the latest advances in veterinary medicine and continually improve our standards of care. Every day, we try to increase our skills, knowledge and compassion to serve you and your pet.

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Preventive Medicine and Vacci Check

Another issue that is as important as therapeutic medicine is preventive medicine. With vaccination, some diseases are no longer seen all over the world, but some diseases have started to decrease. The most important factor in the prevention of infectious diseases in cats and dogs is the vaccination of cat dogs with routine vaccination program.

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Anesthesia and Reamination

It is the name of a series of medical applications developed to ensure that the patient does not feel pain, tolerate the procedure, does not remember the process and comfort after the operation, including before and after the operation. It can be applied in the form of general, regional (regional) or local anesthesia.There should be hygienically cleaned by a specialist physician with special tools that do not damage the gums and outer layers of the teeth. After cleaning the teeth, detailed cleaning and polishing process can be done by using special dental devices according to the demand and need.

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Nutrition – Diet – Biochemistry Laboratory

Adequate and balanced nutrition is essential to improve the quality of life and to prevent all kinds of diseases. The healthiest indicator of this is feeding our domestic animals with suitable foods. Heart diseases, some types of cancer, diabetes (diabetes), skin and hair problems. Preventing or reducing the occurrence of these problems depends on healthy nutrition. Adequate and balanced nutrition; It reduces the risk of obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and related diseases.

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Check-up is a general health screening that aims to take precautions by detecting possible diseases in an early period and thus to keep our animals healthy. Early diagnosis is very important in some diseases and especially cancer. Therefore, early diagnosis of such diseases increases the success of treatment as a result of check-up scans. Early awareness and early treatment in all areas of medicine and every disease increases the life comfort of our animal and prolongs its life.

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In our clinic, diagnosis and treatment services are provided in all skin diseases. Early diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers, fungal and fungal cultivation, diagnosis and treatment of allergic eczema, and surgical interventions are performed when necessary. Dermatophytosis is the most common infectious skin disease in small animals (pet). Puppies, kittens and frail animals are the most susceptible to dermatophytosis.

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Dental Unit

The symmetry of the face, jaw joint and bones, the inside of the mouth (to the extent our patient permits), dental structures, salivary and lymph nodes are examined. 60% of the diseases of our patients are anesthetized in the examinations performed without anesthesia. can diagnose. For the remaining 40% of the slices, auxiliary diagnostic methods to be applied under anesthesia are needed. Among these are intraoral dental radiography and periodontal probing procedures.

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Hair care is very important for our pet friends, who are a part of our lives, to be healthier and cleaner. It is a very necessary condition for their health and cleaning, to comb and care for the feathers of our long-haired little friends, who live in the home every day.

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Inspection - Vaccine

40 Minutes | 50-320₺

Every living thing that comes to our hospital is subjected to a detailed examination that will take at least 20 minutes. Every incoming patient is recorded in the files of our hospital with the reason of arrival and medical examination results…



150 Minutes | 350-650₺

Our vaccine provides active immunity protection by increasing the level of antibodies called soldiers against that disease. However, this antibody titer does not protect against the disease before it reaches a certain level in the body. In our clinic, vaccination is performed both before and after VACCICHECK antibody titer measurement before and after the control of immunity duration and strength.



40 Minutes | 450-650₺

It is possible to understand that cats have entered sexual maturity from changes in their movements. The female cat begins to meow more than ever. He acts as if he wants closer, more compassionate, constant love for his owner. He humped his back, pulling his tail in the air and pulling it to the side. In the meantime, it makes kneading movements with its front feet. An increase in the number of urine can be seen. Their appetite may be cut off.


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